Upcoming Events

Every season we run special events on the track, whether we are fundraising for the Trust, running a special interest walk or helping someone with their own special event.

Macpac Stump The Hump

Our major annual event is Macpac Stump the Hump - a 24hr endurance walk of the entire 62km of the Hump Ridge Track. Stump or be Stumped!

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"I've been lucky enough to walk most of the great walks in NZ like the Heaphy, the Routeburn, the Tongaririo Crossing etc and although the Humpridge never used to be mentioned in the same breath as these tracks simply because it doesn't have their history, it very soon will be. We experienced three quite different days of weather during our walk last year (one of them I even manage to predict!) and it's hard to say which day I enjoyed the most. And that's the amazing thing with this walk, the weather - whatever it is - only serves to highlight  the many, many  features and feelings that the Humpridge evokes. I can't recommend this place enough. And I haven't even started on the incredible food, wine and friendships that is a special part of the Celebrity Walking Week experience." Mike Hall, TV3 Weatherman who was part of our annual Celebrity Walk, March 2010.