3 Day Loop Walk in Fiordland, NZ

The Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track is a 3 day loop walk that takes hikers along the south coast of New Zealand, up to the sub-alpine zone of the Hump Ridge, and over historic viaducts in the heart of native forest.

Our two backcountry lodges are in superb locations, each offering a unique stopping point along the walk, we are the only walking track in Fiordland that offers upgrade facilities to independent trampers.

Why not enjoy a hot shower and king-sized bed on your tramp? You can also have your bag, or yourself, flown by helicopter. Each of our lodges has disabled facilities and wheelchair access from the helipad, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our wilderness.

In regards to our Covid-19 policy, if you would like some more information please click here

Covid-19 UPDATE

7th April 2022, as we remain under code ORANGE under the Traffic Light System framwork, mask and social distancing are encourged in our lodges. 

We no longer require vaccine passports to be scanned in order to walk our track and stay at our lodges. Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid, would be required to follow our in-house protocols and return to the carpark at the earliest convenience.  

Immerse yourself in this untapped part of Fiordland, where there is more nature and less people

Discover our beautiful Flora & Fauna and our natural bird life. You will find your self above the clouds and ‘on top of the world’ at our Okaka Lodge. Learn about the history of the old Port Craig Sawmill and the artifacts that still reside.