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Summer Walk - Booking Request FormHistoric Percy Burn + Jet Boat

The Percy Burn viaduct is now open.

Day 1

Travel by 4WD shuttle from Rarakau to Track Burn via the forest and beach – about 28km one way and 40 minutes (1 person $300pp, 2 people $150pp / 3 people $100pp / 4 people $75pp), but will shave off 1hr45m of walking and 7km. A roundabout trip, but a help for those who would like it.

Then, walk from Track Burn to Port Craig – 13km and on to Percy Burn Hut – 7km exploring the historical Viaducts along the way (Sandhill, Percy Burn, Edwin Burn and Francis Burn).

Overnight at Percy Burn Hut - $60pp (Wood burner + wet back Shower + Toilet + gas cooker)

The Percy Burn Hut is not to the same standard as the Okaka and Port Craig Lodges, however, they have the basics, Firewood is kept stocked up. Lighting is by candle – take some with you in case. The Hut is not manned, so please be mindful of leaving it in a clean state, and take your rubbish out with you.

A short walk from the hut will get you down to the beach along a bush track.

Communications are not great, however mobile reception can be achieved if you move around a bit.

Pots and Pans are provided along with plates and utensils, leave cleaned and stacked away when you leave.

Day 2

Walk from Percy Burn Hut to the Wairaurahiri River and meet the jetboat at 2.00pm or earlier if in larger groups

Experience an exhilarating 35km upriver ride and then cross over Lake Hauroko to the boat ramp.

Return back to Tuatapere with the jet boat operator – included - $225pp and kids $125pp


Cost Includes:

  • One way transport from Tuatapere to Rarakau - $30pp
  • 4WD Transport to Trackburn from Rarakau (Min 2 people) – min $75pp-$300pp
  • Overnight stay at Percy Burn Hut - $60pp
  • Jet Boat ride up the Wairaurahiri River to Lake Hauroko and return (transport included) $225pp

Total Cost 2021/22 Season – dependent on the number of people in the 4WD:

  • 1 person - $615pp
  • 2 people - $465pp
  • 3 people - $415pp
  • 4 people - $390pp



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Summer Walk - Booking Request Form

Summer Walk - Booking Request FormThe following upgrades are available:


Helilift options are available to fly in or out $400 pp, minimum 2 people but
dependent chopper availability – please enquire if interested.

4WD ride to Trackburn:


Summer Walk - Booking Request Form

In Percy Burn Hut, trampers can use the fireplace to cook on – cooking utensils are provided.

All independent walkers need to provide their own food and drinks. Guided walks are fully catered. Drinking water from a rainwater tank is available at Percy Burn and most streams are safe to drink from.

Click for a downloadable Gear Checklist.


The whole idea about tramping is to experience nature, take in the sights and scenery, and to enjoy yourself. It is not a race!

A moderate to high level of fitness is required to complete this walk. To make your trampmore enjoyable it is advisable to undertake some form of training prior to the event. By doing some form of regular exercise beforehand you are going to make your walk around the Hump Ridge track a lot more enjoyable.

Some tips before you start training:

  • During some of your walks, be sure to wear the clothes that you intend to tramp in. It is best to find out beforehand if they are going to be suitable, ie. non-chafing, comfortable to wear.
  • Walk in the shoes and socks you are going to tramp in. You need to be wearing shoes that are comfortable and provide good support for the ankles. Blisters can make tramping very unpleasant so it best to have your shoes broken in properly.
  • Wear your pack during some of your walks. Even if you are making use of the heli-packing you will still have to carry some gear with you. You will enjoy your walk a lot more if your body is used to carrying a pack already.
  • Hydration and nutrition are very important; your body needs fluids before you are thirsty, so drink regularly. Food such as bananas and muesli bars are good light foods to carry that provide quick energy. Remember to carry your rubbish out with you!
  • Not all your training needs to be walking, feel free to jump on a bike, use the gym, swim, run or do zumba! Cross training is important to keep yourself from getting bored.

Summer Walk - Booking Request Form

If in the very rare event the Operator needs to cancel a departure due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions, we will discuss options available and agree with parties concerned. Options may include: another package on the same departure date, alternative departure date, or a refund.


If a client wishes to cancel a booking for any reason, including medical, the cancellation must be forwarded in writing and the following refund values will be applied:
Independent Packages and Events

  1. Prior to 8 weeks of departure date 75% of the total cost;
  2. Within 8 to 4 weeks 50% of the total cost;
  3. Within 4 weeks or less no refund will be given.

Guided Packages

  1. Prior to 8 weeks of departure date 75% of the total cost;
  2. Within 8 to 6 weeks 50% of the total cost;
  3. Within 6 weeks or less no refund will be given.


Bookings can be transferred to a future date, within a 12 month period, but not between people. You must give a minimum of 7 days (before your departure date) notice in writing for a transfer to apply. This will be in the form of a credit for the value of the original booking less fees, this will then be held and credited against a new booking at a future date within the valid timeframe.  The new booking will be charged at current pricing at that time and is subject to availability.  A fee of 10% of the total booking value will be charged on any booking transfer. Bookings may only be transferred once and no portion of the credit is redeemable for cash. If notice is given less than 7 days prior to departure for any circumstances, including medical, you will be required to cancel your booking. Sorry this option is not available for Guided Packages nor Events.


We strongly recommend that you arrange travel/cancellation/medical insurance to guard against loss of costs associated with cancellation or delay of your trip. Obtaining all necessary insurances is the responsibility of you the client and the Operator cannot be held liable for any failure on your part to get insurance. The Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track will not be liable for injury, damage or any costs incurred by walkers and customers.   

Click for of our full detailed Terms & Conditions.

Customer Declaration Form

In any adventure activity, there is an element of risk involved. Risks in undertaking this activity include personal injury and illness as a result of adverse weather conditions.

All participants, including children, will be required to complete our  Customer Declaration form before departure.

This form is available to read and download as Customer Declaration Form: please complete and bring to your pre-departure briefing.

Under New Zealand law it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sue anyone if you are injured. In addition, New Zealand's accident compensation scheme provides only limited assistance to visitors to New Zealand who are injured. We strongly recommend that all visitors to New Zealand have full insurance covering any injury they might suffer, including medical treatment cover, before undertaking this activity.

We do not recommend the Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track for children under 10 years. Please do not be offended if we ask for proof of age.

Summer Walk - Booking Request Form