Covid-19 Policy

The Humpridge Track follows all guidelines, restrictions and recommendations as defined by the New Zealand government in so far as Covid-19 is concerned. Herewith the alert level system click here

The Humpridge Track is able to operate under Alert Levels 1 and 2. Should we, or the region in which you reside, change to Alert levels 3 or 4, this would affect your departure date and the following cancellation policy would apply;

Alert Levels 1 and 2

Assuming the whole country is in Levels 1 and 2, our normal cancellation policy (Terms and Conditions), will apply to all walkers and packages;

Alert Levels 3 and 4

If you are living in a region that goes into Alert Level 3 and your departure date is within the lockdown period, you can transfer your walk to another date in the season subject to availability, or to the 2022-23 season, or you can receive a 90% refund.

Should the entire country be placed in Level 3 or 4, the Humpridge Track would be required to cease operations until the Alert levels are reduced. In this case, we would offer a transfer to another available datewithin the season, postpone to another season or offer a 90% refund.

The same conditions would apply if the airlines cancel an incoming flight, from either within New Zealand or overseas.

Traffic Light System

Updated 7th April 2022, as we remain under code ORANGE under the Traffic Light System framwork, mask and social distancing are encourged in our lodges. 

We no longer require vaccine passports to be scanned in order to walk our track and stay at our lodges. Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid, would be required to follow our in-house protocols and return to the carpark at the earliest convenience.